Viper 1x02 detail

Rachel is an assassin for the (Crime) "Syndicate". She is played by Julie Merrill and appears in one episode of the "Viper"-series (1.2, Once a Thief).

At the end, she tries to shoot the “thief” of the episode’s title, who thought she was in love with him. The Viper-Team comes to his rescue just on time and Rachel is captured. Although she tries everything to escape – first by shooting her way free and then, as it becomes clear to her that the Viper is bulletproof, by trying to get away with her sports car – Rachel is eventually stopped and forced to surrender her gun to the Viper's driver, Joe Astor. He restrains her hands behind her back by some sort of plasticuffs and leaves her for the police. After the Viper has left, Rachel tries to tell the “thief” (sorry, can’t find out his name, perhaps somebody knows more), not very convincingly, that all was a “misunderstanding”, urging him to uncuff her before the police arrive, but the only thing he does is telling her that she will experience jail time much longer than he (as he is determined to start a new life without crime by turning himself in). It is clear that she is arrested afterwards, although this is not shown.

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