Rachel Richards

The evil Rachel Richards

Rachel Richards (Caitlin Carver) is the main villainess of the 2017 Lifetime film The Rachels (alternately titled Infamous; airdate January 15, 2017).

Rachel was one of the two most popular girls at Hills High School, with the other being her best friend, Rachel Nelson. Rachel reveled in the popularity and dreamed of being a famous celebrity someday. She became jealous when Rachel Nelson began to outshine her both socially and athletically (the girls were both on the school's track team). After Nelson is named Homecoming queen, Richards confronted her at a party taking place at an apartment complex, where she accused her of being ungrateful for making her popular. As she tried to storm off, Nelson tried to stop her, resulting in Richards accidentally pushing her off the roof. She managed to grab the rooftop's fencing and cried to Richards for help, but instead, Richards chose to leave. Additionally, Richards was aware that another villainess also chose to deliberately ignore Nelson's tearful pleas for help, with her decision ultimately sealing the latter's fate when Nelson finally lost her grip and fell to her death.

Following Nelson's demise, Richards was ecstatic at the chance to be the sole queen bee of her school, putting on an act of a grieving best friend. She even attempted to seduce Nelson's love interest Tom, which failed. While being interviewed on a talk show about her friend's death, Richards faked tears and falsely implied that Nelson's death was a suicide. Determined to stop her, Richards' former friend Roxie — a frequent target of Richards' bullying — worked with Tom go undermine Richards' attempts at gaining popularity, angering her. She eventually confronted Roxie in the hallway, claiming that she wanted to repair their friendship and do the morning announcements together. Once inside the office, Richards locked both herself and Roxie in the room, with the pair having a heated discussion that Roxie broadcasted over the PA system. Once she caught on, Richards spoke into the microphone and claimed to have intentionally pushed Nelson to her death, wanting to achieve infamy through her arrest. Roxie then turned off the PA, with Richards proceeding to recall that Roxie was also present during the final moments of Nelson's life and also chose not to help her; this revelation revealed Roxie as the movie's hidden secondary villainess.

Roxie slapped Richards, leaving scratches on her left cheek. The two then got into a fight, and as Richards tried to strangle Roxie, the police burst into the room and arrested her. As she was led out of the school in handcuffs, Richards looked at the crowd of students watching her being led away and imagined them giving her applause. She smiled, having supposedly succeeded in becoming “immortal.”

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  • Caitlin Carver also played the villainous Becca Arrington from the 2015 movie adaption of Paper Towns, as well as psychotic villainess Alexis Palmer on Stalker.

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