Ramona Norville

The evil Ramona Norville

Ramona Norville (Ann Dowd) was the hidden villainess from Stephen King's novel, Big Driver, as well as the 2014 film under the same title. She was a librarian who invited author Tess Thorne to her library for a meet and greet with her fans.

As revealed later in the film, Ramona is also the mother of Lester "Big Driver" Norville, the main antagonist, and after the event, Ramona suggests an alternate route for Tess to take on her way home to save an extra hour, which was part of Ramona's evil plan to send Tess to her son's clutches. On that route, Tess' tires are flattened and she is encountered by Big Driver, who offers to help, but later attacks and sexually assaults her, as well as leaving her for dead in a culvert—which contains his other victims.

Ramona is eventually found out by Tess when she shows up at her home and points a gun at her. She denies setting Tess up to be her son's latest victim, but after she wrestles the gun from Tess, the evil Ramona boldly admits to the conspiracy and even tells Tess that she's a terrible writer. Ramona pulls the trigger, only to learn that the gun isn't loaded, and she is later stabbed in the stomach by Tess, who later shoots her to death—but not before she increases the volume on Ramona's TV to disguise the gunshot noises.

Trivia Edit

  • Ann Dowd also portrayed Law & Order: SVU villainesses Louise Durning and Lillian Siefeld.

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