Raylene Wilcroft

The evil Raylene Wilcroft

Raylene Wilcroft (Anne-Marie DeLuise) is the main villainess from Psych episode 1.04, "Woman Seeking Dead Husband, Smokers Okay, No Pets" (airdate July 28, 2006). She is the wife of bank robber David Wilcroft, who was presumed dead after pulling his last job. Raylene went to Shawn and Gus hoping to make contact with her husband, but after a seance goes wrong, the duo do their own digging. After they find that David is actually alive, Gus informs Raylene—to Shawn's slight dismay.

When they encounter a pair of David's cohorts, Shawn and Gus learn the shocking truth about Raylene: she was not only in on the jobs they pulled, she was the mastermind. They also laugh off Shawn's claim that they would attempt to harm Raylene, describing Raylene as an intimidating woman and that David was basically at her beck and call.

After learning more about Raylene, Shawn and Gus head over to a mausoleum, where they find the evil Raylene holding David at gunpoint, demanding to know the whereabouts of the missing money. Hoping to buy time, Shawn tells Raylene that the loot is in one of the crypts, but the info is quickly revealed to be false after David cracks one open with a stanchion. At that point, Raylene smirks evilly as she moves in on the duo with the gun in hand, boasting that she can do whatever she wants with them because they aren't armed. However, Lassiter and Juliet arrive and arrest both Raylene and David.

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