Rayzah is a villainess in the 2014 movie Brick Mansions. She is played by Ayisha Issa.

Rayzah is a leading member (if not the leader) of a criminal gang that rules a dangerous urban neighbourhood in near-future Detroit. She is prone to violent and cruel behaviour, particularly towards other women. The heroine of the film, Lola (played by Catalina Denis), taken hostage by the mob, becomes the preferred target of Rayzah’s callousness. Assigned to guard the captive, Rayzah takes full advantage of the situation by molesting and humiliating Lola. Even when the two are fighting, she shows an aggressive sexual attraction towards the other girl. It is difficult to say whether Rayzah is a lesbian, or a sadist, or (most probably) both. Having subdued her prisoner, she leads her by a chain around her neck on a rooftop. As the movie climaxes, a second fight erupts between the two women. However, this time, Lola catches Rayzah off guard and wraps her legs around the villainess’ neck. Rayzah has no time to impose her physical superiority over her weaker opponent as she is forced to the ground, unable to break free from Lola’s grip. Lola spins the evil girl caught between her legs so that she is propelled over the building’s rooftop. As her body hangs over the void, Rayzah is now clearly at a disadvantage. She struggles to hold on to Lola’s thighs, gasps “no” several times, and gives her former prisoner a supplicating look. Conceivably, Lola has no mercy for the villainess who so tormented her, parts her legs abruptly and makes Rayzah fall to her death. Her body crashes through the roof of a parked car with an impact strong enough to shatter the vehicle’s windows. Although we see no more of Rayzah, or what is left of her, there is no way she could have survived this fatal fall.  

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