The evil Rie

Rie is the primary antagonist of the 1997 ero-horror animation "Idol of Darkness", aka. "Inju Nerawareta Idol" (淫獣ねらわれたアイドル).

A fading actress, Rie is insanely jealous of fellow up-and-coming actress Ikumi Murase. While at an outdoor film shoot one day, Rie wanders off into the nearby woods where she discovers a creepy shrine. There, she discovers an evil power which she then intends to utilize in order to murder Ikumi. With the help of her faithful manager, she breaks into a secret alter where she then performs a ritual. Rie sacrifices her manager, transforming him into a sex demon, which she then merges into herself. With this fusion complete, Rie flies off to a pop concert where Ikumi is performing and begins to violate her. Ikumi's boyfriend, who also has supernatural powers, manages to save his love and kills Rie.