Rita 1 Rage and Honor
Rita Carrion
(Terri Treas) is the secondary antagonist of the 1992 martial arts action film "Rage and Honor".

The head of "Carrion Pharmaceuticals", Rita is the shady criminal partner of the film's main antagonist, Conrad Drago. The duo utilize crooked cops to deal drugs for them, until one night when their plans are bungled. Rita shoots one of the cops responsible for the screw-up and then intends to pin it on Preston Michaels, a good cop and co-protagonist of the film. Unfortunately for Rita, the whole thing was caught on video by Paris Armstrong, who just happens to be a student in the class of the film's other protagonist, Kris Fairchild (Cynthia Rothrock).

Rita and Conrad spend much of the remainder of the film trying to get the videotape back, including enlisting the help of Hannah and her all woman/transwoman gang. Tired of being under Drago's thumb, however, Hannah not only tries to blackmail Rita to get the tape back, but even aids the heroes once she is caught.

As a last resort, Conrad takes Paris hostage, forcing the hand of Kris to return the tape. However, Drago is then killed in a fight with Kris and Preston shortly after, and - having nowhere to run - Rita is arrested by the police.

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