Rodmilla and Marguerite are the primary antagonists of the 1998 film Ever After The roles are played by Angelica Huston(Rodmilla) and Megan Dodds


(Marguerite) Rodmilla is Cinderella's evil stepmother in the film and Marguerite is Cinderella's not so ugly step-sister. Rodmilla's dream is for Marguerite to marry the crown prince. Throughout the film both Marguerite and Rodmilla are terrible to Cinderella, they treat


her as a slave and torment her.

After Cinderella inevitably wins the prince's hand in marriage and exposes her step-sister and step-mother, the two antagonists are forced to be forgotten as lowly servants as Cinderella lives the life of an important member of the Royal Family. After Cinderella confronts her evil step-mother/step-sister the Mother/Daughter duo are pushed into steaming hot water by an annoyed servant woman and simultaneously suffer the indignity of a public temper tantrum and being laughed at and mocked by their fellow servants. Rodmilla reacts angrily, thrashing her arms wildly splashing water everywhere, while Maguerite shrieks and cries, burying her red hot face in her hands. This is their last scene in the movie.