The villainous Roxie (aka: Rachel)

Rachel, better known by her alias Roxie (Daniela Bobadilla), was the hidden protagonist villainess of the 2017 Lifetime film The Rachels (alternately titled Infamous; airdate January 15, 2017).

Roxie's real name was Rachel, and she was a yearbook staffer at Hills High School. Furthermore, Roxie used to be best friends with both Rachel Richards and Rachel Nelson, the school's two most popular girls. Unfortunately, the day came when Richards told her that there wasn't room at their school for three Rachels, effectively kicking her out of the group. After that, she began going by the name Roxie; while Richards bullied her, Nelson acted respectfully towards her and expressed regret for letting Richards do what she did.

However, Roxie harbored resentment towards both girls, secretly desiring to be just as popular as Richards. Going to a party at an apartment complex, Roxie eavesdropped on a increasingly heated conversation between the two girls, in which Nelson reveals that they were only friends with Roxie because she didn't have any other friends. This remark caused Roxie's jealousy to quickly reach a pinnacle as the discussion continued. When Richards accidentally pushed Nelson off the roof in a moment of blind rage, the latter managed to grab on to the rooftop's fencing and began pleading for the former to help her. Roxie approached the fence as Richards realized what she had done, with the two villainesses looking at each other before the latter chose to leave. When Nelson pleaded for Roxie's help, she simply snarled at her to not call her by that name; seconds later, the former fell to her death.

Afterwards, when Richards began using Nelson's death to gain fame among her fellow students, Roxie worked with Nelson's crush Tom to make Nelson the most popular girl in the school once more, gradually growing close to him. Richards eventually confronted Roxie in the main office; the latter's villainous reveal came when Richards recounted that she had seen Roxie let Nelson die. When Richards insulted her, Roxie responded by slapping her in anger, leaving deep scratches on her left cheek. The two girls got into a fight, and when Richards tried to choke Roxie, the police burst in and arrested Richards, who had claimed over the PA earlier that she intentionally pushed Nelson to her death because "she deserved it." Roxie is then comforted by Tom and, as Richards is led away in handcuffs, she told Tom that he can now call her Rachel, having achieved her goal of being the sole queen bee of the school.

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  • Daniela Bobadilla also appeared as the teenage self of villainess Dr. Bianca Hartlin from the Lifetime film Give Me My Baby.

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