Sadie and Rose

Sadie and Rose are Kylee Coors' 2 henchgirls in the episode “Cheer Fever”. They were played by stuntwomen Caitlin Dechelle and Erika Marosi.

Background Edit

Nothing much is known about Sadie or Rose’s background prior to their encounter with the Supah Ninjas, other than they spent time in prison where they met their new boss, Kylee. Judging by their cheerleading skills, they were likely cheerleaders prior to being imprisoned.
Cheer Fever 001

Story Edit

Samantha’s old cheerleading rival turns up in town, fresh out of prison after attempting to steal $10,000 during cheer camp. Kylee blames Samantha for her imprisonment and has come to Samantha’s high school disguised as a cheerleader to enact her revenge. Kylee and her henchwomen plan on blowing up a building and pinning the blame on Samantha. It’s up to the Supah Ninjas to stop their evil plans.

Role Edit

Sadie and Rose act as henchwomen for Kylee. Both are dressed in blue cheerleading uniforms, and are not above getting their hands dirty and take on the Supah Ninjas on the orders of their boss.

They climactic showdown they fight the 2 male heroes while their boss takes on Samantha. They show decent fighting skills, acting in unison and using their cheerleading skills to fight the heroes.

Each girl reversals hidden weapons in their pompoms. One girl has an electric stunner and the other some hidden knives.

Fate Edit

Both girls are ultimately defeated, being knocked unconscious (one girl being electrocuted by her own weapon and the other unceremoniously knocked out and thrown against a wall by the heroes.

The final shot shows both girls unconscious with their defeated boss hanging unconscious by her feet above them.

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