Salas 1 Rudra no Hihou
Salas (サラス)
is a secondary antagonist in the 1996 Super Famicom fantasy RPG "Rudra no Hihou" (ルドラの秘宝) by developer Squaresoft.

Salas is encountered in an optional area of the game known as Dagda's Observatory. There, one of the main protagonists,Surlent, is greeted by a robotic servant, who proceeds to show him the history of the world's creation. The robot speaks of a female god, who created a new race every 4,000 years, only to reset things and start from scratch each time. Surlent is confused and suspicious of this tale, which prompts Salas to show herself. She then attempts to kill him and his party.

Though not explicitly stated, it is possible that Salas was the one being spoken of in the story, and that it was part of a scam to lead the world to believe that she is god.

Salas 2 Rudra no Hihou

Map sprite.

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