Samantha Lee is a villainess who works as a seductive decoy for a hit man.


Samantha Lee (Joan Marshall)

Appears in -

Dante (crime series. USA NBC 1960 - 1961)

Season 1: Episode 9 - My pal the bulls-eye (first broadcast December 5 1960).

Played by -  Joan Marshall (1931 - 1992)

Willie Dante (Howard Duff) is a former professional gambler who owns "Dante's Inferno", a fancy night club in San Francisco, where he's assisted by his old pals Stewart (Alan Mowbray) and Biff (Tom D'Andrea). In this episode Biff, who works at the bar, is targeted by hired killers, who infiltrate the club in the guise of a patron, Samantha, and a waiter, Harrigan (John Anderson). Samantha seductively decoys Biff into 2 death traps. In one Biff is locked into the club's cold store, but manages to escape. In the second she pretends to make an assignation with Biff outside, but actually delivers him to Harrigan, who is waiting for him with a gun. Samantha is captured by Biff and Dante after Harrigan is defeated in a fight.

Appearance and character-

Aged in her late 20s, Samantha is a slim, elegantly dressed Caucasian beauty with short blonde hair. We never really see Samantha "out of character" - playing at the tipsy blonde bombshell seducing Biff - but it's fair to assume she's a ruthless, money grubbing babe.

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