Sara Dexter is a villainess from the 1998 Pacific Blue episode, Heat in the Hole (season 4, Episode 8). She is played by the actress Cathy Debuono.

Sara Dexter is the highest-ranking guard in a women’s prison, where a series of murders occurs. Several members of the Pacific Blue team go undercover as inmates or guards to investigate. They find out that Sara not only bullies the inmates, but also runs a racket inside her prison, leading to corruption and murder. Recklessly taking advantage of her position of power, she also extorts sexual favours from the convicts. Police officer Bobby Cruz, placed inside as a prison guard, soon finds himself targeted by his lecherous superior’s sexual advances. He pretends to be interested, in order to win her trust and thereby expose her criminal deeds. The villainess finds out too late that Bobby is a mole. Even so, she forcibly kisses him after restraining him to a pole. As reinforcements arrive, the evil Sara tries to escape, which, inside a prison, is obviously not unproblematic. She is caught by Brenda, one of the inmates she mistreated for a long time. Brenda overpowers her in a brief fight, and even threatens to kill her for revenge by crushing her head with a weight. The evil, but now defeated Sara narrowly escapes this gruesome fate as the police arrive on the scene. Chris, the female police officer who went undercover as an inmate and therefore experienced Sara’s sadism first-hand, insists on arresting her personally, stating that “this one’s mine”. Frustrated, but with no choice other than giving herself over, Sara offers no resistance as her hands are handcuffed behind her back. Not exactly handling her with kid gloves, Chris then spins the villainess into the opposite direction, and walks off with her. The irony in all this is that the uniformed prison guard is being captured by an inmate, and arrested by a policewoman wearing inmates’ clothes.