Sarah Miller

The evil Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller (AnnaLynne McCord) was the hidden main villainess from the 2015 Lifetime film, Watch Your Back (alternately titled, Killer Photo). She was a working housewife, married to Kurt Miller as well as the stepdaughter to Kurt's daughter, Teri.

Throughout the film, Sarah is stalked by an unknown person, who had been taking photos of her at various places, including her workplace. The stalker is revealed as Vincent, a former cop, and after he goes after Kurt, Sarah encountered him at their home and fought him off, eventually using a taser to knock him out. It is at that moment that Kurt finds Sarah's assistant, Julie, tied up in the living room, and shortly afterwards, Sarah turned heel and knocked out Kurt with a second gun.

Sarah revealed herself as a hitwoman, who had a personal history with Vincent: she killed his daughter as part of one of her jobs, doing so after Vincent was getting very close to catching her. She married Kurt as part of her cover as a housewife, and she was supposed to call off all jobs on her private cell, which was in the closet; the reason why she didn't want Teri in there. Her cover now blown, the evil Sarah decided to burn down the house with the three of them inside, saying that the police would initially think Julie's remains were hers, giving her time to flee the country. She doused the room with gasoline, but was stopped when both Kurt and Vincent charged her. Kurt pointed a gun at Sarah, but despite his anger, he couldn't fire at her. However, Julie picked up the other gun and shot the villainess to death.

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  • AnnaLynne McCord played several villainous roles in her career, including Eden Lord on Nip/Tuck, Sadie on Scorned, Melanie Warner on Secrets and Lies, and Dianne Vaughn on Beauty and the Beast.

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