Sasha is a major antagonist appearing in the Andromeda episode "The Leper's Kiss" (Season III, episode 7). She is played by Sarah Deakins.

An assassin hired to kill a high-ranking member of the "New Commonwealth", she is eventually tracked down by space captain Dylan Hunt and his crew from the Andromeda.

She is captured twice: First after a fight with the Andromeda crew as they want to talk to her, believing she is only the Leper's sister, and for a second and last time as she is knocked out by some sort of laser beam shot at her by Dylan before she can kill her target. We see her restrained both times with futuristic handcuffs.

After it is revealed that Sasha is in fact the Leper herself, she is sent to an officially "inescapable" Commonwealth prison, but soon after she has been hauled off, Dylan receives a message that she was freed before arriving there (probably by her brother, her partner in crime).

Seductive and ruthless, she almost succeeds in entincing Dylan. After her plans are thwarted by him and she is handed over to the authorities, Sasha tells Dylan "goodbye" and drops a tear - probably not out of remorse, but because of her dire perspective of being locked up for good with no chance of meeting Dylan again (whom she seems to love). 

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