Scam Woman

The villainous Scam Woman

The Scam Woman (Barbara Stock) is the villainess from "The Subway," episode 3.13 of Seinfeld (airdate January 8, 1992).

The woman encountered George Costanza while he was on his way to an important job interview, and she enticed George to leave with her. Despite the importance of his job interview, George is taken in by the villainess and leaves the train with her. The Scam Woman took George to a fancy hotel and changed out of her business suit and into some skimpy lingerie, and later handcuffed George to the bed.

George is expecting an unforgettable sexual encounter, but instead, the Scam Woman resurfaces fully clothed, while also robbing George of all of his money; eight dollars, to be exact. Despite her extreme displeasure over George having very little money, the evil Scam Woman steals the cash and his clothes, leaving George in his boxers and handcuffed to the bed.

Trivia Edit

  • Barbara Stock also played titular villainess Desire in the 1982 film, Desire, the Vampire, and later appeared on Charmed as the evil Grace Spencer.