was a Power Yoga instructor, whose appearances are in the Season 2 episode "Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands" and Season 3 episode "Power Yoga Much?

History: Edit

A strict Yoga instructor Shirley pushed herself and her students to the limit during their classes. Shirley was driven to bankruptcy by students leaving her to train at the The Kung fu Fondue studio and wanted revenge So She Teams Up With Camula (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)

Kidnapping students she used a device the Chi machine to turn them into a loyal follower and also give them the same physichal and mental abilities of a advanced Power Yoga student. Creating an entire cult she prepared to destory the Kung fu Fondue studio. After which she would be able to turn the entire city into her cult. One of her latest followers Mandy captured Sam, Clover and Alex and brought them to her. Explaining her plan to her captives she then proceeds to make them go through her machine as well then camula bites tyler then becomes her love intrest.

Shirley and a group of her followers go to the Kung fu studio. However Alex, Clover and a huge group of WOOHP agents are waiting for them. Shirley does not back down and tells them that soon the entire city will be her own Yoga studio. The two groups engage in a huge brawl. Shirley faces Clover and Alex and easily knocks them over using her highly advanced Yoga skills. The two used black belts that increased their fighting skills. Working together the two managed to overpower Shirley and Jaden Duels Camula For Tyler she and her followers got defeated. While she got arrested her followers were brought back to normal by reversing the machine.

Personality: Edit

Shirley is highly disciplined and demanding from both herself and her students. Her strict training regime was bad for her business as she lost most of her students to a competitor. Bound on revenge Shirley started to force students into her cult to defeat the competition so she teams up with and brainwash everyone into Yoga followers.

Abilities: Edit

Her years of strict Yoga training made Shirley into a powerfull human specimen with incredible skills that border against superhuman. During her training and fights she displayed amazing feats of balance, strenght, speed and timing. Her highly developed reflexes and body control allowed her to easily beat highly trained martial artists.