Her name unknown (portrayed by Renata Tan) she is the sister of Black Dragon the leader of a elite force of mercenaries (Angel Warriors).

Renata Tan

History: Edit

She and her team get hired by a high level crime lord after his son Dennis was not succesful in obtaining precious stones from the Tiger tribe, a secluded tribe living deep in the forrest.

Dennis joins her group as the heavily armed force travels to the place with multiple helicopters. In a suprise attack the force engages the Tiger Tribe in which they kill may of the tribe. During the fight the force faces heavy resistance from warriors attacking them and tourists who use firearms as well. Engaging the group in close combat the unknown sister of Black Dragon uses two swords to kill many of the warriors attacking them with spears. She ends up fighting the princess Haer in single combat, who wields a spear. Both women manage to cut each other. As she kicks down Haer she prepares to kill her however she gets cut by a young woman. She responds by impaling the young woman with her sword. However during this action the princess recovers and runs her through with her spear and impales her against a tree, killing her.

Personality: Edit

Not much known about her. She appeared to be close with her brother as he was devastated by her death. She was willing to exterminate an entire tribe just for money. Judging by her skills she seemed to have a military background.

Abilities: Edit

A highly skilled military operator.

She was highly skilled in close combat using two swords she was able to defeat multiple warriors with ease. Even against the princess who was highly skilled herself she ended up winning befor she got killed.

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