Sofia Cortez Villainess

The evil Sofia Cortez

Sofia Cortez is a professional wrestler best known for competing in WWE, where she portrayed a villainess.

Sofia debuted in 2011 and formed the villainous "Anti-Diva Army" with Paige. In her heel role, Sofia feuded with Divas such as Kaitlyn, Caylee Turner, and Audrey Marie, while she and Paige aligned with top villainess Raquel Diaz on numerous occasions. On the final edition of FCW TV (before they became NXT), Sofia turned against Paige and caused her to lose a match to Audrey Marie. A possible motive could have been that Sofia was jealous that Paige was chosen over her to face Audrey.

On an early edition of the modified NXT program on July 4, 2012, the evil Sofia defeated her former Anti-Diva partner, Paige, in a singles match. Sofia actually appeared as a babyface and defeated heel opponent Natalya via count-out, but in her last match in WWE, Sofia turned heel and competed in a losing effort against Tamina Snuka. Sofia was released by WWE in August of 2012, with her release coming before her match against Tamina aired.