Stacey Hinkhouse

Evil bully Stacey Hinkhouse

Stacey Hinkhouse (Julie Gonzalo) is a villainess from the 2003 Disney adaption of Freaky Friday. She was a popular student and cheerleader at the same high school as protagonist Anna Coleman, and the two girls were former best friends. But upon entering high school, Stacy became a cruel bully who would specifically target Anna for harassment. One day during a game of volleyball during gym class, Stacey purposely hit Anna in the head with the ball until Anna retaliated by hitting her back, resulting in her getting detention.

After Anna switched bodies with her mother Tess Coleman, Tess (in Anna's body) tried to greet Stacey with a warm hello at school, believing her and Anna to still be friends. Stacey acted friendly and gave "Anna" a hug--before pulling her shirt over her head, causing her to stumble backwards until she hit a bicycle rack. Later that day, right before the girls were to take their Honors Qualifying exam, Stacey mockingly wished Tess for "good luck flunking". Tess responded by reminding Stacey of their past friendship, saying that their conflict didn't have to continue. Stacey appeared to reciprocate Tess's feelings and asked her to sit with her during the test.

But during the exam, Stacey wrote Tess a note saying she was happy they were friends again. While Tess was reading it, the evil Stacey loudly told the moderating teacher that she was copying her answers, allowing Tess to see Stacey as the cold-hearted bully she was. Stacey's trick resulted in Tess being sent to detention, but she was able to finish Anna's test, with the aid of Anna's love interest Jake. As a way of getting even, Tess took Stacey's exam from the stack, erased all of her answers, and wrote "I'm Stupid" on the front page, even adding a hearted exclamation mark for good measure. A deleted scene of the movie also showed Tess punching Stacey in the face as retribution for the exam incident.

Trivia Edit

  • Julie Gonzalo went on to play another high school bully in a movie that premiered the following year: Shelby Cummings from A Cinderella Story.