WWE Summer Rae 01

The evil Summer Rae

Summer Rae is a professional wrestler and manager competing in WWE, where she portrays a villainess.

Summer Rae debuted for WWE on the NXT program in 2012 as a ring announcer, but in January 2013, Summer turned villainous and attacked Paige from behind. She defeated Paige in her in-ring debut two weeks later, and since then, Summer became the lead villainess for NXT. Summer later manipulated Sasha Banks into aligning with her, and the villainous pair added Charlotte to their group, which was known as the Beautiful Fierce Females.

Summer made her main roster debut later in 2013 as Fandango's dance partner/manager, with the role lasting until April 2014, when she was dumped and replaced by Layla. Summer and Layla briefly feuded for months until they banded together against Fandango. The pair began as babyfaces, but became villainesses due to Summer's Total Divas feud with Natalya. In 2015, Summer was inserted into the feud between The Miz and his "stunt double," Damien Mizdow, appearing to align with the latter. However, the evil Summer betrayed Mizdow during a match between himself and Miz, allowing Miz to win.

Trivia Edit

  • Summer Rae (credited under her ring name) made history as the first female WWE superstar to star in a WWE Studios film, playing Rachel Dawes in The Marine 4: Moving Target.