Susan Harper

The attention seeking villainess, Susan Harper

Susan Harper (Susan Harrison) was the villainess from Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode #6.31:  "The Gloating Place" (airdate May 16, 1961).

Susan Harper was a lonely and unhappy high school student; recently upset over not having a date for the upcoming evening. She walks to a nearby pond, where the taunts directed at her are repeated in her head, and it is at that moment that she tears her dress and runs off screaming. Susan makes up a story that she was attacked by a masked man donning gloves; a story that got her a lot of attention. She was craving the attention she was getting for her false reports, but she was upset when she saw that her story wasn't getting the main headline on the newspaper.

Realizing that she's losing that attention that she loved and craved, Susan called her classmate, Marjorie Chase, and told her to meet her at a nearby barn. In actuality, the evil Susan was planning to kill Marjorie to continue being the center of attention, which she does when she drags Marjorie inside the barn and strangles her, while wearing her own pair of gloves. Susan later identified her gloves as the ones that her "attacker" wore, which officially painted Susan's fictitious attacker as Marjorie's killer.

At the end of the episode, Susan is at the pond, satisfied that her story is the top headline on the newspaper. She gloats over killing Marjorie and getting the attention that she craved, but at that moment, she is attacked and killed by a mysterious person who fit the exact description of Susan's "attacker."


  • "There it is, the whole story. Just the way I knew it would be. Everybody in town is talking about it. I did it, and nobody knows. Nobody will ever know." (Susan Harper's gloating about killing Marjorie White; her last words in the episode)