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Suzy (Claire Cellucci) is the sexy evil nurse in the 1991 movie, "Scanners III: The Takeover". 

In the movie, Suzy attempts to seduce the main character, Alex (Steve Parrish) by taking him into the backroom and unbuttoning her short tight sexy white nurse outfit.

When Alex is detained, and strapped in later in the movie, she helps administer the lasers into his eyes.

Later Alex is recovering from his wounds in a hospital. Nurse Suzy shows up in a slightly different nurses outfit and is about to kill him with an injection. However, a doctor from the hospital enters and foils her plan.

Later, Alex and Suzy exchange telekinetic powers at each other in a fight. In this instance, Suzy is not in her sexy nurses outfit. It appears that she is at a meeting for other company employees and she is one of the hired assassins or hence women for the organization. During the mind control fight, Suzy goes flying through a plate glass window. She lies motionless on the ground, and at the end of the movie when all the bad guys are dead and the movie is over, her body is still lying on the ground. It is assumed that she is dead.