The evil Tanya

Tanya  (Marie Webster) is a secondary villainess in the 1997 movie The Night that Never


Like all movies designed to wrap up an extensive succession of sex scenes, this one has a very intricate storyline to it. A group of friends celebrating Jeremy’s bachelor party land at a nightclub run by the devious Sid. There they meet the stripper Roxy. Roxy plans to run off with some money she gathered, but actually owes to Sid. Sid finds out about this and decides to sequester some members of the group until Roxy, now in a relationship with one of Jeremy’s friends, pays him back. The redhead Tanya is another stripper at the nightclub, who specializes in leather, bondage, and all that stuff, and also acts as his henchwoman when it comes to Sid’s criminal deeds.

Tanya picks up Jeremy from outside the nightclub and takes him to Sid. The groom-to-be is drunk, tired, and gets a bloody nose by getting punched by Sid. Tanya is then ordered to take him to another room, where she leads him at gunpoint. As Jeremy is in a rather pitiful state, she pretends to care about him and tends to his bleeding nose. However, we soon find out that she only wants to take advantage of the situation in order to have sex with her hostage. Faced with Jeremy’s reticence, Tanya tries to goad him into cheating on his fiancée by getting undressed and sweet-talking him. Naturally, she thereby lets down her guard over her prisoner. When Jeremy finally lifts her up and heaves her against the wall, Tanya thinks that she is getting what she desires. To her disappointment, she is outsmarted by her captive who snatches her handcuffs and swiftly ties up her wrists behind a dancing pole. The dominatrix gets a taste of her own medicine as she helplessly tries to get hold of Jeremy with her already cuffed hands. Without another word, the bachelor then runs off to rescue his friends, leaving the naked Tanya tied to the pole in upright position. As the scene closes, we learn that Tanya is not entirely displeased at finding herself in a situation where the tables have been turned on her; in fact, she shouts after Jeremy: “You do like to play!”, and simulates a hopeless attempt to free herself with a smirk.  

Tanya's subsequent fate is not known. As she can't go anywhere, she is probably found by the police and liberated from her awkward situation before being arrested and led away.