Tara Carter

The psychotic Tara Carter

Tara Carter (Kym Jackson) was the main villainess from the 2017 Lifetime film, The Good Nanny (alternately titled The Perfect Parents; airdate May 14, 2017). She was the abusive and psychotic mother of young Sasha Carter, and as revealed in the film, Tara had killed Sasha's father and would harm her daughter by burning her with boiling hot water on an operating stove. One day, while Tara and Sasha were out with Lily Walsh, Tara's younger sister, Lily drove away with her niece when she became afraid to get out of the car and she realized how her sister was treating her.

Since then, Sasha was given the name, Sophie, by Lily, while Tara had made attempts to get Lily back. While main protagonist Summer Pratt served as the Walsh's nanny, she learned about Sophie's true background and about Tara while talking to Sophie, and later on, Tara was shown at her workplace receiving a phone call about Sasha. After posing as a nurse over the phone to receive Lily's new address, the twisted mother broke into the Walsh house late one night and murdered Lily's husband Travis, striking him in the head with a wine bottle, before taking Sasha. All the while, Summer learned the truth about Lily being Sasha's aunt, and Lily keeping Sasha in the house in fear of Tara wanting to get her back.

The film's climax saw Tara at her home with Sasha before the former is encountered by her sister, who provided a distraction while Summer attempted to take Sasha. However, a squeak of the floor caused Tara to realize what was going on, and she attempted to kill Summer with her pistol, but was taken down by Lily. The sisters continued to brawl until Summer clocked Tara with a crowbar and escaped with Lily and Sasha. However, Tara regained her composure and went after the trio; firing shots at them until one of them struck and killed Lily. Tara later demanded that Summer return Sasha to her, but at that moment, Summer walked towards Tara while carrying Sasha, and later stabbed the crazed villainess to death with a knife that Sasha gave her.