Tatiana Creel (Katherine Boecher) is a secondary villain and a Russian spy in the 2010 Jackie Chan movie The Spy Next Door. She is the only female member of this Russian spy squad who are attempting to spread a virus which will destroy all the world's oil supplies except Russia's, thus allowing Russia world conquest.

She and her team start to victimize the children of a single mother when they think the children are jeopardizing the Russian plans.

Little do they realize Jackie Chan is their next door neighbor!

She is a lithe, quite tall blonde, normally wearing black leotard outfits and seems fairly proficient in martial arts of various kinds.

She is finally defeated by being knocked out by a door!

Weapons - Handgun

Trivia Edit

  • Katherine Boecher is best known for playing the demonic Lilith on Supernatural, and later appeared in the Virgin Mobile commercials as the psychotic Kelsey, and on Perception as the villainous Olena Prentice.