Taya LU

The evil Taya

Taya is a professional wrestler and valet currently competing in Lucha Underground as a villainess.

Taya debuted for Lucha Underground on February 24, 2016, assisting Johnny Mundo en route to defeating Cage in singles action. Since then, Taya has acted as a valet and tag team partner for Mundo, while also competing in singles competition as well. One instance saw Taya voluntarily compete against Cage in singles competition, after she verbally insulted him, and she was defeated despite Mundo's interference. On the April 13 edition of Lucha Underground, Taya and Mundo were paired up with Cage by Dario Cueto, and were placed in the Trios Championship Tournament, but they were defeated by Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca.

Taya currently serves as the lone female member of Mundo's Worldwide Underground faction, which also consists of PJ Black and Jack Evans. She helped Mundo defeat Sexy Star for the Lucha Underground Championship, when she disguised herself as a Sexy Star fan and attacked her. The feud has since continued into 2017, when Taya cost Sexy Star in the Cueto Cup tournament with the use of brass knuckles.


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