The Brides are Dracula's lovers and henchwomen in the 2004 movie Van Helsing. Their main goal is to serve their master and to bring their children to life. They also frequently terrorize villages.

Like Dracula, they are vampires and drink blood. Normally they look like attractive young women but they have the ability to transform into winged monsters.

Marishka Edit

Marishka (Josie Maran) first encounters Van Helsing when the brides attack a nearby village. She seems to have the upper hand in the fight but makes the mistake of playing with him instead of killing him immediately. Eventually, Van Helsing manages to shoot her with his automatic crossbow, that had been dipped in holy water. Marishka is pinned to the church tower and her body disintegrates.

Verona Edit

After mourning Marishka's death, Verona (Silvia Colloca) pursuits Dracula's goal to create offspring, for which they need Frankensteins monster. She and Aleera try to kidnap him from a carriage led by Van Helsing. Van Helsing tricks them with a fake carriage that has explosives in it and Verona is killed by the wooden stakes released in the explosion.

Aleera Edit

Aleera (Elena Anaya) is the youngest of the three brides and seems to have a personal feud with Anna, Van Helsing's love affair. After Verona's death she kidnaps Anna and demands Frankenstein's monster as ransom.

Frankenstein's monster manages to kick Aleera from reaching Anna. Later, Frankenstein tries to hold Aleera off as Anna escapes. However, Aleera somehow escapes from Frankentein's grip and proceeded to pursue Anna once again.

In the final battle of the film, Aleera encounters Anna again and almost manages to kill her. She taunts Anna by saying how her blood would keep her beautiful, but suddenly throws a stake to Anna, which she uses to impale Aleera. Aleera gasps in surprise and starts shrieking in agony as her body appears to be boiling and swells up until she finally explodes. Anna then remarks to Aleera that if the villainess intends to kill someone, she should have done it quickly rather than boasting about it.