The Platinum Princess
 (Tara Strong) is the alter-ego of Britney Britney. She became a villain after Mr. Bickles threw her out of her show in Las Vegas. Since that day, she swore that she will end Bickles' career.

Character Edit

The pop diva Britney Britney quickly turned evil when she was thrown out of her performance in Las Vegas to make way for Mr. Bickles' magic show. While the show as in progress, The Platinum Princess blew up part of the stage to make her entrance, and then shot razor sharp platinum records from her wrist at Mr. Bickles.

Description Edit

She is blonde, beautiful, and is wearing a platinum colored mechanical armor that is able to shoot platinum records from a mechanism on the wrist. She wears a platinum mask over her eyes to hide her identity.

Appearances Edit

The Platinum Princess only made one appearance, at the end of the episode The Masked Magician where she revealed that she was Mr. Bickles' villain before attacking the club.

After this, Britney Britney rarely appears on the show anymore other than references to her going crazy or her being a ditzy pop star, but she appears to be back to normal after the club incident.


  • Tara Strong also voiced another villainess from The Fairly Oddparents: The evil Princess Mandie.
  • Tara Strong also voiced the evil Lena Dupree from Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, as well as the villainous Terry from an episode of What's New, Scooby Doo?

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