The Princess 1 Arabian Nights of Terror
The Princess
is the primary antagonist of the short 2010 webcomic "Arabian Nights of Terror" by PulpToon.

One day, a poor merchant's daughter named Alladina finds a magical lamp inside of a cave. She releases the female genie trapped within it and tells her that she knows a princess who is the most beautiful woman she has ever seen, and that she desperately wants to be with her by becoming one of her sexual servants. The genie grants the wish.

To Alladina's horror, however, she quickly learns that the princess has these servants so that she can cruelly torture them. Frightened, the protagonist quickly offers to give her the genie's lamp in exchange for being spared from this treatment. The princess thanks the girl for the gift, and then states that with the power of unlimited wishes at her command, she no longer has any use for servants. She then has the girl and all of her other slaves murdered by multiple genies for her amusement.


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