The Red Queen
(Marilyn Lightstone) is one of the two main antagonists of the segment "Den" in the 1981 animated fantasy film "Heavy Metal".

Ruler in the world of Neverwhere, the Queen is first shown attempting to sacrifice a young woman named Katherine "Kat" Wells to the god Uhluhtc. Kat is saved by a stranger named "Den", who came to this land after being a young boy on Earth only hours before.


Den bungles his infiltration.

The Queen runs into Den again after he fails to sneak into her domain undetected, in order to steal the powerful Loc-Nar. She sadistically waits for her minions to slit the man's throat, when the sight of his attractive body brings a quick change of heart. The Queen brings Den to her private chambers and makes love to him, but the hero escapes in order to save Kat from being sacrificed once again by the story's other villain, Ard. The Queen and her soldiers pursues him atop giant winged insects.

The story concludes with The Queen and Ard fighting at the place of the ritual, each struggling to obtain the Loc-Nar for themselves. However, as the Loc-Nar is a being of pure evil, it ends up engulfing them in a bright light and (presumably) killing them both.



At the site of the ritual.


Wearing her ceremonial mask.


Excited in giving the order to kill Den.


And a change of, er, heart?


Realizing that Den has betrayed her.


The battle for the Loc-Nar.


The Queen and Ard are defeated.

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