The Rotten Apples 1
The Rotten Apples
, Lulu (Dee Hengstler), Betty (Kari French), Rosie (Anita Lande) and Loretta (Veronica Carothers) are a quartet of henchwomen in the police comedy "Vice Academy 3".

The Rotten Apples are escaped convicts who work for fellow criminal and fugitive from justice, Malathion, after she helps bust them out of prison. Each are ultimately arrested thanks to the crimefighting efforts of officers Holly Wells (Ginger Lynn) and Candy (Elizabeth Kaitan).

The Rotten Apples 2
The Rotten Apples 3

Rosie holds up a strip club...

The Rotten Apples 4

...with her partner, Loretta.

The Rotten Apples 5

Betty (left) with Lulu (right)

The Rotten Apples 6
The Rotten Apples 7

With Malathion's boyfriend.

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