Tokyo Bad Girl 1 The Toxic Avenger 2
The Tokyo Bad Girl (Yôko Ohshima) is a secondary antagonist in the 1989 comedy horror film "The Toxic Avenger Part II". Her name, along with many others, is simply listed as "Bad Girl" in the ending credits.

She is first seen during Toxie's visit to Tokyo, harassing a young woman named Masami. She then calls over two of her male cronies to help her. While the men only make sexual advances towards Masami, the Bad Girl's imagination gets a bit carried away, as she begins making enthusiastic "air punch" motions, seemingly seeing the assault as far more violent than it really is.

His Tromatons sensing the presence of evil, Toxie quickly rescues the girl from the villainous trio and hunts them down one by one, saving Bad Girl for last. He corners her inside of a radio station, binds her with cable and brutally transfroms her into the "first human transmitter". The character is never seen again, though do to the comical nature of violent consequences in the film, it is unkown if the character was actually killed by this treatment. 

Tokyo Bad Girl 2 The Toxic Avenger 2
Tokyo Bad Girl 3 The Toxic Avenger 2

Tokyo Bad Girl 4 The Toxic Avenger 2

Whistling for some assistance...

Tokyo Bad Girl 5 The Toxic Avenger 2

...but trouble's not far behind.

Tokyo Bad Girl 6 The Toxic Avenger 2
Tokyo Bad Girl 7 The Toxic Avenger 2

Tokyo Bad Girl 8 The Toxic Avenger 2
Tokyo Bad Girl 9 The Toxic Avenger 2

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