(Scilla Gabel) is the moll of the main antagonist Slade (Anthony Quayle) of the film "Tarzan's Greatest Adventure" (1959) with Gordon Scott as Tarzan and Sean Connery as O'Bannion, before becoming the character James Bond. The film is quite different from other parts of the series, shot in colour and Africa, and comparably violent.

To get some dynamite, Slade's gang raided a village and killed a friend of Tarzan. Therefore he pursued them up a river to hunt them down. Nevertheless, Toni was not killed by the ape man, but accidentally by her beloved Slade, that's how: during the cause of the film, the villains captured Angie (Sara Shane), a friend of Tarzan. One of them got a conscience, and freed Angie. Toni, who noticed that, got quite angry about that. First, she shot after Angie, missing her, then she ran into the jungle, to tell Slade about the betrayal. Her lover in the meantime prepared a trap for Tarzan. He dug a pit, filled it with spiked bamboo, then covered it for camouflage. He just finished it and waited in hide, when Toni came running - she falls into the pit, spiked to death.


  • Scilla Gabel appeared as Isabella in the 1960 peplum film, "The Queen of the Pirates".
  • Scilla Gabel appeared as La Tigra in the 1966 film, "Target for Killing".