The evil Tori as a part of DX

Tori is a former professional wrestler and valet best known for her time in WWE, where she portrayed a villainess.

After being forced to spend Christmas weekend with D-Generation X member X-Pac, Tori returned to her then-boyfriend Kane, but would act "nervous" around certain babyface wrestlers and enlist Kane to attack them. On January 27, 2000, Tori revealed that she and X-Pac were actually lovers, and dumped Kane in the process after she made out with X-Pac. With that, Tori became a member of DX, serving as the evil valet to X-Pac. In her time as a member of DX, Tori assisted X-Pac during his feud with Kane, and even helped Stephanie McMahon capture the Women's Championship from Jacqueline.

After disbanding from DX, the evil Tori returned in 2001 as a masked villainess simply known as The Black Ninja. As the Black Ninja, Tori continuously targeted and attacked Molly Holly, while also helping Raven capture the Hardcore Championship. On an edition of Sunday Night Heat in March 2001, Tori was unmasked by Molly after Raven defeated Crash Holly. It was Tori's last WWE TV appearance.