Tracy Smart Guy

Villainous femme fatale Tracy

Tracy (Bianca Lawson) is the villainess from "It Takes Two," episode 3.16 of Smart Guy (airdate February 7, 1999).

Tracy is introduced as Mo's new girlfriend, when she runs into Marcus and Mo at a movie theater. However, Tracy is caught by Marcus at the same theater locking lips with Will, leading to a confrontation between the two the following day. Tracy claimed that Will is an old boyfriend, and she also told Marcus that she'll deny the claims if Marcus tells Mo. She stated that her relationship with Will was over and that she and Marcus should move on and get along for Mo's sake. But later that evening at the theater, Tracy is shown with Will again, proving her deception. Marcus informs Mo of Tracy's unfaithfulness, and eventually, Mo catches Tracy in the act. In the very end of the episode, Tracy is shown seated next to a young kid, making failed attempts to get some candy from him, leaving the villainess humilated.

Trivia Edit

  • Bianca Lawson made two appearances on Smart Guy, playing different characters in each one. Her appearance as the evil Tracy was her lone villainous role on the series.

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