Trina Goodwin

The villainous Trina Goodwin

Trina Goodwin (Morgan Fairchild) was the hidden minor villainess from the 2006 version of The Initiation of Sarah. She was shown as the mother of twins Sarah and Lindsay, but as revealed later in the film, the evil Trina actually killed the twins' birth mother during a failed ritual. She took in the girls while being in league with the villainous witch sorority, Alpha Nu Gamma.

Trina's villainous reveal came when she met with the sorority's president, Corrine, and vice-president, Esme, voicing her displeasure over raising the girls after killing their mother. She used her powers to nearly kill Corrine while threatening her to find The One, who was believed to be Sarah, but was later revealed to be Lindsay when the Knife of Truth nicks her. Later in the film, Trina was killed with the knife by Corrine.

Trivia Edit

  • Morgan Fairchild previously appeared in Murder, She Wrote as murderess Iris Novaro.
  • Morgan Fairchild appeared as Jennifer Lawrence in the 1978 made for TV movie "The Ititiation of Sarah".