Ursula in disguise as Vanessa


Ursula's true form

Ursula is the main villainess from the Disney animation The Little Mermaid. She disguises herself as a woman she calls Vanessa.

Vanessa looks much sexier than Ariel does. Despite Ariel's attractiveness, Vanessa wears dresses that cling, in some cases to the point of being nearly skin-tight, to her curves. This highlight on her curves brings further subtle alterations to bear: Vanessa's breasts are slightly, but impressively, larger than Ariel's and considerably more perky, high on her chest, and tucked into tight dresses that lightly bounce them. Vanessa's waist is smaller than Ariel's which makes her hips, looking as full as Ariel's, actually fuller, all of her dresses accentuate her sexuality, more or less modestly, always clinging to her breasts and hips. She bears more skin than any other clothed character in the film. In the presence of other characters such as Grimsby or the wedding guests, most scandalous dress she wear is the faintest depression on the skirt directly on her crotch area, implying the outline of her vagina and her already perky breasts are pushed even higher on her chest by the skintight fabric.


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