Below is a description of how blog pages work here on The EvilBabes WIki.

Regular Pages vs. Blog Pages

Regular pages are the ones created via the page icon located in the upper right hand corner of the page (see here ). Blog pages are created by accessing "Create a Blog Page" underneath "Rules and Blogs" on the top navigation bar.

What Content is Appropriate for Each?

Certain female villains/antagonists are forbidden from having regular pages made for them. They are:

1. Ones with a Freudian Excuse - Characters who only became villains because of tragic consequences or mind control. (Click the link for further details)

2. Ones who Redeem themselves - Any characters who turn to the side of good, or even make genuine efforts to help the good guys win against her former evil allies.

3. Ones who feel Remorseful for their actions - Characters who see the error of their ways and are uncomfortable with the crimes they've committed.

4. Ones who are 100% machine - In other words, robots and androids. Do not confuse with "cyborgs" (characters who are originally human/humanoid but have part of their anatomy mechanized).

With Freudian Excuse, there's always going to be a bit of a grey area. Characters who were shown to have already been relatively bad people before the "excuse" may be pardoned, as well as characters with "petty" excuses, like jealousy or just plain not getting what they want. Redeemed and Remorseful are usually more set in stone, however, with little room left for interpretation.

For the time being, there is one alternative which will exist as long as it remains well adhered to. These characters may have blog pages created for them instead.

Creating a blog page is near identical to creating a regular page in that you are able to give it a title, an article, images and categories. The added benefit is that it keeps tragic/redeemed characters separated from the others, which has been an important focus of this wiki since day 1.

The only caveat to this policy is that unregistered users are unable to create or edit blogs, due to the way Wikia was coded. Regardless of this unfortunate reality, however, the rule still stands. 

What if I Accidentally Put This Type of Character on a Regular Page?

If it is not a common mistake, an administrator will simply convert the page to blog for you. However, multiple repeated instances will likely face warnings, and eventually, more severe penalties. Anonymous (without a Fandom account) users cannot make nor edit blog pages, so in these instances, the page may either be converted to a blog and attached to an admin's account, or deleted outright.