Courtney Brown

Vengeful murderess Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown (Andrea Bogart) is the tragic main villainess from "Born to Run," episode 1.07 of Rizzoli & Isles (airdate August 23, 2010). 

Courtney Brown is the younger sister of Samantha Brown, who was gang raped and beaten at age 15 by three men:  Damon Ward, Raymond Walker, and Jim Fillmore. The rape occurred in 1995, and was never brought to trial due to Fillmore buying off the courts. Following her assault, Samantha committed suicide, leaving Courtney despondent and wanting revenge on her sister's rapists.

Courtney's opportunity finally came during the annual Boston Marathon in the episode's events; participating in her sister's memory. She learned that the trio would be participating, and with that, Courtney packed a 9mm in her fanny pack with intent to kill her targets. Courtney shot and killed Ward first, followed by Walker, leaving Fillmore as her last target. Both bodies were found by Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles (who were also running), and after reporting the deaths, their reveal as rapists was made by Barry Frost, who accessed the court files on his computer. 

Meanwhile, Courtney was running next to Fillmore and reminded him of what he and his cohorts had done to Samantha. After Fillmore denied ever knowing Samantha, Courtney pulled out her weapon with intent to kill Fillmore, only to be captured by Jane and arrested, with Courtney pleading for her sister to rest in peace.