Arrogant villainess Monique

Monique (Merrin Dungey) is the main villainess from "Girlfriend," episode 3.23 of Martin (airdate April 13, 1995). She is a former school classmate of Gina Waters.

Monique's appearance in Detroit was to promote her self-help book, So Real, but while Gina was elated to see her old friend, Monique made an immensely bad impression on Martin Payne and the others. Monique antagonized Martin and (especially) Pamela James with her pompous personality, which included (but wasn't limited to) belittling Martin's talk show, Word on the Street, and openly flirting with Pam's boyfriend, Tommy Strawn. Despite this, Gina was blind to Monique's arrogance, and insisted that she would grow on Martin.

Monique became such an annoyance that Martin and Pam (who despise each other) banded together to expose her, which they do in the episode's climax. The climax saw Monique as a guest on Martin's show, and she continued to promote her authenticity, which included a vegan lifestyle. However, that was revealed to be a lie as Martin uncovered a photo of Monique at a restaurant dining on a plate full of ribs. More evidence of her fraudulence was uncovered when after a photo of Monique donating to charity was shown, another photo of Monique showed her accepting money for (suggested) sexual favors.

Monique attempted to deny the evidence against her, and after the show cut to commercial, the arrogant villainess lambasted both Martin and Gina, who later stood up against Monique insulting Martin. Having finally seen Monique as a liar and a fraud, Gina asked her how she could deceive her, with Monique defending herself by callously stating that she's paid. With that, Gina demanded her hair comb back that Monique borrowed, and while she took it back, she also removed Monique's vast amount of hair extensions, doing so while Monique walked off the set humiliated.