Christina Logan

The villainous Christina Logan

Christina Logan (Sherri Parker Lee) was the hidden villainess of "Mother", episode 5.03 of Law & Order: SVU. She was the mother of Robert Logan and the daughter of Victoria Logan, an abusive religious fanatic. Not only did she kick Christina out of the house for disapproving of a boy she was dating, she also took Robert away from her when he was born to live with her, where she severely abused him. One night, when Robert was seven, Christina went back to her old house and started the house on fire, killing Victoria while Robert managed to escape. In adulthood, Christina began working at a medical clinic and stayed close with the psychologically damaged Robert, all the while claiming him as her brother.

One day, after checking Robert into a hospital after he had a breakdown, Christina went to his apartment and found cassette tapes he had stolen from his therapist Dr. Greta Heints. She listened to Robert's tape and was disgusted to hear the way Heints spoke on the tapes (though it was later revealed that her seemingly sexual speech was her controversial method of regressing Robert's childhood trauma). Believing her to be sexually abusing Robert, Christina lured Heints to a crackhouse where she often handed out flyers for her clinic, where knocked the doctor out and kicked her in between her legs (which would lead the SVU squad to believe Heints was raped) before leaving her there. When Benson and Stabler questioned Christina at her work, she claimed that Heints had been making Robert's condition worse and provided him an alibi when she realized the detectives believed he was Heints' attacker. She later gave the detectives the cassette tapes she had listened to, claiming to have just discovered them.

Christina's villainous reveal came when the bouncer of the crackhouse recognized her as having been there at the time of Heints' assault, as well as her DNA being found on the duct tape she used to restrain her. Benson and Stabler took Christina in for questioning, where she admitted to attacking Heints to get back at her for what she thought she'd done to Robert. When asked why she took her to the crackhouse, she responded by saying it was the lowest place she knew and wanted Heints to fall as far as Robert had. Christina made plans on pressing charges on the doctor as well, saying that she was willing to go to jail for attacking her, but that she wanted her to pay as well. It was soon after that Benson discovered Victoria's death was caused by a house fire that was believed to be arson, contradicting Christina's claim that her and Robert's mother died of cancer.

Dr. George Huang interrogated Robert, who eventually confessed that Christina had set the fire that killed Victoria. When questioned by Benson and Stabler in prison, Christina revealed how abusive her mother was to her and Robert, as well as revealing how Robert was her son. As she broke down, Christina said that her mother had punished Robert for her sins and that she had killed her to rescue him. As she was taken away by guards, Christina solemnly asked Benson, "Wouldn't you do the same thing for your son?"


  • Sherri Parker Lee previously portrayed the evil Denise Cormier from episode 3.20, "Greed".

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