Paula Haggerty

Villainous conspirator Paula Haggerty

Paula Haggerty (Barbara Barrie) is the secondary villainess of "Perfect", episode 4.24 of Law & Order: SVU (airdate May 9, 2003). Years prior to the episode's events, Paula's husband left her, which put a strain on her relationship with her daughter Carrie, whom she began fighting with often. It eventually led Carrie to run away from home, leaving Paula heartbroken. Later in life, Paula became a teacher for the Foundation of Knowledge Enhancement, taking in teenage runaways to educate and provide a home for, under the assumption that they had fled from abusive homes. She also worked alongside Dr. Garrett Lang (the episode's main villain) in his goal of creating a cloned human baby, using the girls under her care as the birth mothers for his babies. But due to being unable to truly make a cloned baby, the evil doctor instead using his own semen to impregnate the girls, all while scamming money from the couples he was providing service to (having promised them to be able to give them clones of their deceased children). 

When one of the girls, Samantha Tassler, found out about Lang's scheme and threatened to go to the police, Paula had her taken to a room in the basement of Lang's ferility clinic, not giving her any food or water under his order. She then left him to "reprogram" her (with implications being that he raped her). After six days, Paula went to check on Samantha and found her barely able to move. She attempted to give her some water, but was stopped by Lang. Samantha soon after died in Paula's arms, and she and Lang left her outside on the streets to make her look like a homeless teen--but not before Paula cleaned her up, fixed her hair, and put a blanket around her.

When the SVU detectives began investigating and uncovered Lang's research, Paula assisted Lang in covering up his evil deeds, even to the point where she was willing to let him use her as a scapegoat for Samantha's death. But after speaking with Jessica Morse (another girl who was a part of Lang's experiment and who had grown close to Paula) talked to her and Stabler told Paula that Lang was using her painful past to manipulate her, she agreed to testify against Lang, becoming tearful while confessing to what had happened to Samantha on the stand. It can assumed that Paula was sentenced to prison along with Lang, though more than likely on a reduced sentence.