Clarice Kensington

Clarice Kensington is the main antagonist from the 1995 movie It Takes Two. Her character is played by Jane Sibbett who would later on play an almost identical role in Au Pair.

Clarice is a typical movie stereotype gold digging socialite. She dispises her soon to be step-daughter and threatens to ship her off to Tibet. She deceives her fiance(who is a famous person) into believing that she cares about him and his family when in reality she only cares about herself and having a lavish televised wedding.

At the end f the movie Clarice's world comes crashing down during her expensive dream wedding. She is informed that her fiance is in love with someone else. Blaming her step-daughter she raises her hand to strike the child, only to be stopped. She storms off in a rage only to be confronted by the very woman that her fiance is leaving her for. After she tries to strike yet another child she is stopped again and informed that he has "something in her teeth," by the woman her fiance is leaving her for. She screams in front of the shocked wedding guests "I have never been so humiliated in my life!" As she angrily walks out of the building her dress is stepped on and rips, exposing her underwear-clad buttocks. Screaming in sheer humiliation she runs away, media cameras flashing.


  • Jane Sibbett appeared as Vivian Berger in the 1999 television film "Au Pair".