The evil bank robber Vanessa

Vanessa (Gisele Bündchen) is the main villainess from the 2004 movie Taxi.

Vanessa is the leader of an all female gang of beautiful, Brazilian bank robbers, who disguise themselves as men and commit armed robberies in many banks across New York City. Vanessa, who is a very skilled driver, waits outside as the group's getaway driver.

The gang are prepared to harm or kill people who stand in their way, whether its with the guns they carry or through Vanessa's fast and reckless driving. Throughout the movie they have to deal with the duo of Andy Washburn, an incompetent cop, and Belle, a skilled female taxi driver, who are the first to discover the identity of the robbers.

In the group's final robbery, they are surrounded by the police outside before they can make a getaway. However they manage to take a teenage boy hostage, which causes Lieutenant Marta Robbins to trade herself as a hostage for the boy. Vanessa threatens the police, telling them that attempting to pursue them will cost the Lieutenant her life. Soon afterwards Andy and Belle discover the gang's cash stash and offer to do a trade, the money for the Lieutenant. Vanessa agrees, and the trade takes place while the cars are driving side by side on a busy highway.

Andy looks at a map and discovers that a bridge ahead is still under construction. They lead the robbers on to the road with the unfinished bridge on it, and manage to get the Lieutenant into their car just before they reach the bridge. Vanessa and her crew are unaware of the construction going on and speed over the gap and trap themselves on a highly raised piece of the unfinished bridge.

Frustrated about being trapped, Vanessa fires her pistol in the direction of our heroes and ends up wounding Belle, who is taken to hospital and ends up living. They are not seen again after being trapped, but with nowhere to go they are presumably eventually arrested.


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