Vera Gerakaris

The villainous Vera Gerakaris

Vera Gerakaris (Elizabeth Ashley) is the main villainess from Murder, She Wrote episode 5.16, "Truck Stop" (airdate April 2, 1989). She was the wife of Pete Gerakaris, and both of them ran a diner at a small town. As revealed later on, Vera killed Pete as part of her plan to collect on a life insurance policy worth $250,000. She killed her husband with a blow to the head with a tire iron, and set up the death to make it look like an accident. After killing Pete, Vera sent a letter her ex-lover, Walter Murray, telling him what she did. She set up Grange, who was dating Vera's daughter, Flora, by planting his glove at the scene, and had Walter kill Roscoe (who shot at Walter). Walter even incriminated himself before dying.

Vera was surprised to learn that Flora, not herself, was the beneficiary of the policy. She was told that she didn't destroy the letter that she wrote to Walter, and once she was set to do so, she was caught by Jessica Fletcher. Among many revelations during the summation, it was revealed that Vera was pregnant with Flora when Walter left her 19 years prior, and Walter was the biological father. Vera was arrested for her crimes.

Trivia Edit

  • Elizabeth Ashley also played psychotic villainess Andrea Glassen in the film, Windows.