The villainous Veruca

Veruca (Paige Moss) was the main villainess from "Wild at Heart," episode 4.06 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Veruca was the lead singer of a house band known as Shy, and she previously appeared in the episodes, "Living Conditions" and "Beer Bad." In both episodes, Oz is shown to have some sort of connection and attraction to Veruca; appearing mesmerized and drawn to her every time she performs.

It was in "Wild at Heart," that Veruca's villainous reveal occurred, when she was revealed as the female werewolf who fought with Werewolf Oz under the full moon. Oz discovered this when he saw Veruca waking up next to him, and later that morning, Veruca stated that she is more in touch with her wolf side, while mocking Oz for locking himself in a cage every full moon and attempting to live a life of normalcy. Veruca stated that unlike Oz, she remembers her time as a werewolf, and has no problems hunting and killing. 

Veruca makes multiple attempts to engage in sexual acts with Oz, who is dating Willow. She finally succeeds when the pair had intercourse in Oz's cage, which was followed by Willow catching them. Later on, Veruca confronts Willow, who changed her mind about putting a curse on them due to not wanting to hurt Oz, and was planning on transforming and killing Willow. She is stopped by Oz, who confronts Veruca while both began morphing into their werewolf forms. The pair attacked each other and fully transformed later on, with the fight ending with the evil Veruca killed by Oz.



Buffy 4x6 - Oz Finds Out Veruca Is A Werewolf

Buffy 4x6 - Oz Finds Out Veruca Is A Werewolf