Viper 01 Doomsday
(Lee-Anne Liebenberg) is a secondary antagonist in the 2008 post-apocalyptic action film "Doomsday".

The lover and bodyguard of the film's main antagonist, Sol, Viper is one of countless marauders who inhabit Glasgow Scotland after a killer virus infects the country. When a team is sent by the government into Sol's lair in order to find a cure for this virus, they are captured. One such member, Dr. Talbott is burned alive and then decapitated by Viper in a public display to the cheers of all the spectators who then close in to cannibalise him.

Shortly after, Major Eden Sinclair, the film's protagonist, manages to escape from her prison cell, only to be encountered by Viper right after. The two women battle with swords, but the villainess is defeated when another prisoner, Cally, manages to grab onto her head just long enough for Sinclair to slice off her hand and then decapitate her. Near the climax of the film, Sol chases after the heroes in his car, with Viper's (re-attached) corpse sitting next to him in the passenger seat. One final humiliation is suffered, when an arrow pierces directly through her skull in a semi-comical fashion.

Viper 04 Doomsday

Taunting the heroine...

Viper 03 Doomsday

...and destroying her GPS device.

Viper 02 Doomsday

The next prisoner is brought in to be burned alive...

Viper 05 Doomsday

...and no one could be happier about it than Viper.

Viper 07 Doomsday

Beheading the charred corpse.

Viper 06 Doomsday

Facing off against Eden.

Viper 08 Doomsday

Some assistance from a new ally...

Viper 09 Doomsday

...allows the heroine to take her revenge.

Viper 10 Doomsday