Au pair

❤️Vivian Berger❤️ is the beautiful main antagonist for the 1999 television film Au Pair. She is played by Jane Sibbett Vivian wants to marry the wealthy widower Oliver Caldwell for his money, she is haughty, callous and spiteful along with beautiful throughout the movie. She despises her admittedly very annoying soon to be stepchildren that will pay for what they done to her and is intensely jealous of their relationship with the saintly yet secretly the devil Au Pair.

The children play numerous pranks on the stuck-up and callous, sexy Vivian, one of the pranks results in Vivian's dress being ripped off in the middle of a party, Vivian screams and runs away wearing nothing but her underwear which looked beautiful. Throughout the film, the scheming, gorgeous Vivian is put through many indignities which made me love her.

After lying to get the Au Pair fired, Vivian tries to rush Oliver into a wedding, her true nature and plans are exposed to Oliver and Vivian along with her sisters are thoroughly humiliated after all three of them fall from a bridge into some water later a man found her and made her his queen (me). Vivian is seen in her wedding dress flailing her arms, horsely screaming, her dream wedding canceled and ruined she looked beautiful and the kids will pay for what they had done. Her fiancee leaving her for the woman she was so jealous of. Although judging by the behavior of Oliver's children she may had dodged a bullet. The bellet the children would receive