Wolf Grams

The evil Wolf-Grams

Wolf-Grams (Jennifer Rhodes) was a villainess from Charmed episode 5.03:  "Happily Ever After" (airdate September 29, 2002). 

In the episode, the Big Bad Wolf (from Little Red Riding Hood) appears and devours Grams, and subsequently morphs into an evil clone of Grams. Wolf-Grams licks her chops and then sets her sights on devouring Paige, who is in a deep sleep after taking a bite out of a poisoned apple placed by the Wicked Witch. She is stopped when Piper and Leo enter, and she continues posing as Grams to keep up appearances.

Though she failed to eat Paige, the evil Wolf-Grams focused her attention on Piper, snarling at Piper and moving towards her before Leo called for her. Later in the episode, Piper is in the attic reciting Little Red Riding Hood, unaware that Wolf-Grams was behind her, slowly moving closer to her. At that instant, Wolf-Grams shifted into her wolf form and devoured Piper. However, Piper managed to destroy the wolf from the inside, freeing herself and the real Grams.